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Comments «cpuidle pro for nt,,xp · softfsb f · wcpuid build »5/5().

Aug 06,  · free download setfsb - quickly gain thorough details about your cpu and push it to the limits for extra performance with this powerful b /5(76). Softfsb addon: this plugin is used to modifiy fsb of abit ka7, ka, kt7, kt 1 kb: speedfan ext.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Podien's homepage cpucool and cpufsb are no longer available. I lost 30% cpu power going windows10 on my netbook:facepalm:win10 gaves me 1,76ghz, y overclock and passmark and cpu performance didnt .

Mar 21,  · setfsb allows to change your computer's front side bus (fsb) speed. The utility supports a wide range of chipsets and is 5/5(54). Cpucool program (display's the temperatures, fan speed, voltages, system values (data input and output.

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